Tips To Make Your Garden Beautiful During The 2020 Lockdown

Who doesn’t love a beautiful and colorful garden? It is amazing how these flowers, little plants, and unique colored plants appeal to our senses. It includes diversity, contrasting colors, paired up pots, fragrance, flavors, and along with all the birds and insects that dwell there.

Won’t you like your own garden to look at something designed by a professional? A little change here and there can bring a huge difference. Working around with simple concepts and adding little elements makes your garden space stand out and visually attractive!

Here are some tips to decorate your garden:


Adding a splash of colors in your garden makes it beautiful and vibrant. Your garden gets a touch of green, a variety of colors, and contrast. With all the greenery in the garden, set up flower plants around the plants to bring a new dimension in your garden.

You can plant flowers like hydrangeas, sunflowers, marigold, and cosmos. However, you don’t have to particularly have to add flower plants. Go with a variety of herbs and vegetables. They have beautiful flowers too! Plants like chives (purple), dill (yellow), thyme (pink to purple), basil (white or purple), rosemary (purple), rocket (white), and also other flowering plants. All these beautiful arrays of colors in your colors will make your garden more appealing!

Also, these flower plants attract insects to attract to your garden. It will help in pollination and eliminate the pests for you. Just think of a theme and choose plants of that colored theme! Your garden will get a nice makeover.

Weed Control

Nothing makes your garden look un-managed if your garden is full of weed. Keeping weed away from your garden will make it look clean and neat. Weeds are the unwanted plants in your garden. Think why to waste the plant food on weed plants? Add practical and attractive mulch to stop weeds from setting seed.

Add gravels and pebbles to make it more eye-appealing. Decorate the mulches as per your choice and theme, you have decided.

Design your Garden with Theme

Always think of a theme before you plan to set up and decorate your garden to give it a makeover. If you have decided on a theme, it becomes easier to work with. Bring a collection of plants that go with each other and your garden looks well organized and planned. Clever use of colors will turn your old plain-looking garden into a beautiful one.

Now, once you have all the plants, think about how you can move them around to bring an impact in your garden. Think about all the unique elements that would go with the theme to make it more enticing. Set up plants with contrasting and vibrant plants. Add balance with either contrasting plants or repeating plants, whatever suits you.

Add a certain kind of plant on the border or choose the color and shape of a container so it suits your theme! Opt for Silver, white, or blue, they go well when teamed up with all other colors.

Adding Some Garden Art

Modern gardens now include beautiful art and unique elements to bring out a new perspective. It can be an ornament, collection, or some treasure find or something handmade by yourself! Garden art can be anything that reflects your personality. When you add garden art, it gives meaning and character to your little space.


See what your garden is asking for to look all jazzed up. Position your pots and furniture; add frames to your walls, or even paint your walls for a different outlook. These concepts can work well with both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Work your way with containers

Plants in a beautiful container draw the eye of the viewer to a focal plant.  Play with colors of pots, the size of pots, and their positions. Place pots with contrasting colors and pot sizes to get a beautiful picture-like garden.

Choose one plant to get all the attention and focus and set up small and suiting plants to make it stand out! Highlight the key feature of your garden. Put small pots around the big one to let that big pot shine bright. The eye will get fixed on the featured plant.

Create Unity and Diversity

Either you repeat a color with different plants or put up plants of contrasting colors to get the ultimate look on your garden- it is your choice. Whatever theme you choose, work your plants and garden art around the theme. Color does an effective designing trick to add a beauty to your garden.