How to Take Care Of Yourself as a New Mother

How to Take Care Of Yourself as a New Mother

As a new mom it is difficult to dedicate time for yourself and take care of your own mental health when you have a little one glued to you all day long. It may be challenging to take out time but it is extremely important for you and I don’t have to tell you that. You are tired of the routine you have now and this new responsibility is cute but it somehow isn’t fun anymore. That is because you are tired. While it is easy for a father to just go out and smoke a joint to feel relaxed, you need some time for yourself so that you can again feel energized and ready to play and love this little happiness you have gotten.

Since you are a new mom, we won’t advise you to go out and have a date with yourself because we understand you can’t leave your place. So these self care tips will only require you to sit in silence and alone for some time.


Meditation is extremely important. Not just for moms but especially if you are a mom. As a new mom everything you are dealing with is new. There will be times when you’ll be stressed, anxious and often feel depressed about the changes you have been through. We get you. As much as we suggest you to not feel this way, we realize our suggestion won’t make a difference here. But meditation can. The mindful meditation and some alone time, breathing and focusing on yourself and give you the space and inner peace you need.


Writing or journaling can help you in getting rid of the thoughts and documenting the memories. Write whatever you feel, every day. You don’t have to be grammatically correct or great with words, journaling is more about writing your emotions down so be emotional and let your emotions flow through your pen into your diary. This will help you release stress and get mental clarity.

Pamper Yourself

How long has it been since you had a pedicure? No need to go out. Just take some hot water in a tub, add salt and oil to it, and soak your feet for some time in the water. You can also apply a face mask and put cucumber on your eyes. Just relax and let the hot water do wonders to you. This will reduce stress and pain. This can actually be done by both you and your partner and while you both relax, and if your partner likes smoking, we recommend delta 8 THC flower over recreational weed or cigarette as it has medicinal properties and is safer and more effective. However, it is still a big no no for you.

Have a Cup of Tea

The soothing and relaxing effects of tea are known to everyone and since it is recommended to not consume coffee, we recommend you have a cup of tea, preferably green. The hot beverage will help you relax and take some time out for yourself, when you would just enjoy a cup of hot tea without thinking about the baby and their diaper. Sit in solace, have a cup of tea and just slowly sip it. Nothing much to do yet a very effective way to eliminate stress.

Eat Something Healthy

When you are with your baby, it can be difficult for you to make a meal and concentrate on your diet. Since it is all new, you may find it difficult to manage everything altogether. This is why we highly recommend you to make your diet a priority whenever you get some time for yourself. What you eat is going to eventually affect the baby as well and eating healthy will only prove to be beneficial for your baby. So take care of what you put inside you.


Once you have a baby, the first thing that gets affected is your sleep schedule. You are supposed to sleep when your baby sleeps and one can never guess when this little munchkin will plan to sleep. So whenever you get time, consider taking a nap. Taking rest is important for your health as your body is affected by the whole birth process. Don’t neglect your sleep and health as your health is equally important as your baby’s.