How to Keep Your Place Always Clean Even if You Are Single and Working?

How to Keep Your Place Always Clean Even if You Are Single and Working?

Cleaning your place and keeping it clean all the time is a task next to impossible. That is how we all see it, even though it is not true. Cleaning is difficult because we let the mess pile up. And also because it is boring. But well, we can’t run away from our responsibilities, can we? So here we are, learning some tips and tricks that can help us have a clean place for longer than just a day after we cleaned everything.

Clean Everyday

We all saw this coming, didn’t we? Of course in order to maintain something you are supposed to maintain it, frequently. House is no exception. When you clean everyday, the chores are not as time consuming as it may be on the weekends.

You don’t have to do everything everyday. Just make bed, keep things at the designated places, do the dishes as soon as possible, keep dirty clothes in the laundry basket, avoid bringing shoes inside to avoid dust, and most importantly collect hair from the floor whenever you brush or comb your hair. You will see a difference.

Schedule Chores Weekly

Assign tasks for specific days and write it for yourself. Like, do your laundry on sundays, dusting on monday, vacuum the entire place on fridays, clean the washroom every wednesday, however suits you. When you have one day dedicated to every chore, you will not feel overwhelmed by the mess. Customize the weekly schedule according to your priorities and lifestyle, you can even do one chore twice in a week if that’s how you believe it would work better for you.

Multitask the Unusual Way

Okay, by multitasking I don’t mean doing two or more chores at the same time. That is next to impossible. But if you are like me and you find doing one task continuously for more than 30 minutes boring then you should try switching to another chore every 30 to 45 minutes. However, don’t pick more than three tasks at one time. This way you can complete three tasks altogether without feeling bored or overwhelmed.

Also, when you are working like this, it is important to take breaks as well. So, do not forget to take some time out to just breathe. You can do anything that helps you feel energized. Like having a cup of coffee, reading a book, listening to some relaxing music, playing a game, one match won’t hurt. You can try Minecraft Parkour Servers in these breaks.

Don’t Create the Mess

So, here’s the deal, if you believe cleaning is a task then don’t create the mess in the first place. I am sorry if it sounds rude but we can always avoid the mess and it is far better than doing it this way than cleaning the mess once a week. Of course when you let everything pile up, it is going to feel too much when you will decide to declutter it. So there is no brainer that in order to avoid the mess you need to avoid creating the mess.

By not creating a mess what I mean is simply keep everything where it is supposed to be instead of saving it for later. What takes hardly two minutes should be done right in the moment, do not postpone it. Postponing increases the mess and in turn the time it will consume.

So, next time you do the laundry or dishes, keep them where they are supposed to be as soon as possible.

Accept That Things Won’t be Super Clean All the Time

This is important. Understand that things can get messy and it is absolutely fine. A few things here and there are more than okay, you do not have to stress about it all the time. Do not let these little things ruin your day, mood, or mental peace. Embrace the mess and let it be at times. Stick to your routine and your place will be clean most of the time. It does not have to be all the time. If you let this bother you, it is going to affect you more than you can imagine.