Get Into a New Routine That Works For You And Your Dog

Pandemic has been ruining our daily routines and  it has also affected the lives of our emotional support dog. Imagine how you and your dog were habitual of having a routine the whole day. And now both of you were stuck at your place, sheltering each other amid this lockdown. Also your dog or cat may be feeling uneasy because of this.

I personally had the same feeling but had no other option, just watched Netflix and ate food to elevate my mood.

Whereas some dogs have a separation anxiety. While some others are in a habit of playing with your favorite coffee mug when you leave for the day. They get to run in the garden, bark at the squirrels, lie down on the furniture and sleep at any place, at any time they want to.

And now that we all are at home, our dog’s walks have become inexhaustible. They aren’t able to sleep deeply because we are watching television or are busy with our phones or busy cooking.

I very well understand that you are also struggling in adjusting with this new routine. Although you might have not thought on how your remote working lifestyle is affecting your pet? And as a pet parent, what should you do to lessen our pet’s anxiety because of this routine change?

Get up And Dress up in Your Joggers

In spite of knowing that we don’t have to go for work or leave the house, even then for your pet’s sake, get up at the same time you usually did, take them for a nice walk. And also feed them with their breakfast. Stick to this routine till the situation doesn’t get normalized like before.

Take Walks

Have you ever seen that meme in which a dog standing over the cupboard tells his pet parent that he is done with the walks already. So if your dog is a couch potato and want him to get into longer walks more frequently without any difficulty then start with a slow and short walk. And gradually increase them into longer ones.

Don’t Snack The Whole Day

If you as a pet parent are scrunching snacks and not having regular food, then for sure your pet is also doing the same. Follow your regular diet plan and also keep them on their regular food. At times even if you want to feed them with snacks, then give them dog approved veggies and fruits.

The Separation Anxiety

If your dog goes into a state of agitation when you wear your office shoes and pick up your car keys, then it’s time to inculcate some lessons to reduce their levels of anxiety. Treat your dog, possibly with a calming snack before leaving. Give him some of your essentials that he likes the most. Also keep some clothes around, so he gets the smell of your scent the whole day.

Just Relax and Rest With Him

Your pet might not be habitual of relaxing over the couch in the middle of the day as you. But now you are at home and you have got this opportunity of spending most of the time with him. Take advantage of it to reconnect your bond with your pet. As your most of the time earlier was spent in the office. And because of this reason, you want to cuddle with them even more.

The Discrete Time

During your client call or a zoom meeting with other colleagues, tell them well in advance that you have a pet and it might bark in the middle of the call. People do understand till the time your dog is not barking. And if you want your dog to remain quiet during your call, then try taking them for a walk before time and give them a treat or a puzzle to keep them engaged and entertained. Kongs are a perfect way to entertain your bored dog. You can also turn on DogTv for your pet while you are working. It is specifically designed to entertain dogs.

The Takeaway

Simply modifying a little for your pet will work wonders for them. Just willingly and enthusiastically accept what you cannot change. Almost all of us have been facing this quarantine period and have been staying at our places for our and our nation’s safety.


Spend your fruitful time with your emotional support animals and enjoy this new routine of yours. But remember to engage your pet with the similar routine you had, before going back to work. So that they don’t feel alone by not seeing you by their side.