6 Ways to End Your Bad Day on a Good Note

6 Ways to End Your Bad Day on a Good Note

Every human has days where everything goes well for them; they wake up happy and feel good about their bodies, their boss at work praises them for their innovative ideas, their significant other surprises them with their favorite flowers and whatnot. But there are days which do the opposite. From start to end, they are just bad.

These days significantly affect the security layer that we all have around us. To then emerge from these torturous days with a smile is not a lesser challenge. Let us see 6 ways where we can not completely turn around our bad days but at least try to end them on a positive note.

Just Breathe or Meditate

Just Breathe or Meditate

As we all know, when we are mentally troubled, it somehow manifests into our physical body as well. We might feel as if the world is falling apart and then this feeling of self pity and anxiousness will spread into our whole body, driving us to our knees in real life. To avoid such drastic scenarios, meditate or simply breathe in and breathe out.

It sounds quite ridiculous when someone tries to advise you to breathe to find relief during your tough days. But believe us when we say it works like magic. Breathing has been linked to quelling stressful situations and that’s why you should do it when you’re having a particularly bad day yourself.

Give Yourself the Right to be Sad

We always treat sadness like a disease that we need to rid ourselves of completely. Like any other emotion, sadness has to be felt, processed, channeled and then let go. So the best thing that you can do when you’re having a particularly bad day is to recollect your emotions, identify them for what they are, channel them in the right direction as much as possible and then try to move on.

Life isn’t about drowning ourselves into one emotion, instead it is a celebration of being able to feel a bunch of them on different days. So, yes, give yourself the right to be sad.

Indulge in Your Favorite Hobby

Indulge in Your Favorite Hobby

When the day has passed horribly, it is not good to dwell on it. Instead it is time to take your  night into consideration and work towards making it as amazing as you possibly can. You can read your most favorite book or watch a feel good movie series, you can cook your favorite dish or dance to the song of your choice. Relying on your hobbies when you are your most vulnerable and you’ll see how the feeling of sadness slowly dissipates.

A good hobby will be as comfortable as the arms of your mother or the shoulder of a friend.

Write About Your Day in Your Journal

Journaling is something that always helps anyone in expressing what they aren’t verbally able to communicate. As mentioned above, expression and channeling your feelings is a healthy practice. So when you are already in the habit of journaling, it will make your mental health so strong that a bad day wouldn’t be a bad day for you. It would be a regular day with just not as much good in it.

You can also record a day like that in your diary so that in future when you are facing another adversity, it supplies you support that everything does get better eventually.

Express Your Love for Yourself

Express Your Love for Yourself

There is no better love than self love and there is no better way to express it but by answering questions you are most insecure about on online portals like https://quizzboom.com. When you answer such questions, you are easily able to find out who you are and who you want to be. You should love yourself, yes, but there are still some bridges to be crossed and some feelings to be acknowledged.

When you’ll be able to acknowledge this fact fully, you will arrive at the conclusion that the bad days are needed. You need them to know who you are and if you’re becoming better or not. Bad days are just part of the journey and instead of lamenting them, it is time to clink the glasses and say well done but I will still persevere.

Cook Up Something Delicious

Nothing can comfort you better than a warm delicious plate of food. Food is the best friend that never disappoints but yeah can become toxic if you’re taking its help way too often. But for the most part, if you want to feel better you can ask for its help provided you don’t go overboard.

Since eating disorders are often linked to depression, make sure you don’t rely on this step a lot. In fact if you’re feeling particularly sad about your day and wish to feed yourself a rich dessert, try cooking frozen desserts instead. There are a lot of options to cook something to make yourself feel better but be sure that is not something that is so unhealthy that it might affect your physical body adversely.


Hope you turn to this blog to get all the help you need to end your bad day on a good note. Cheers, my friend.