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It is one of the best professional development investments you can make. As a member of Interpretation Canada you are immediately part of a growing professional community devoted to interpretation. IC benefits are designed to help you:

… to become an even better interpreter and advance your career

… to maintain employability

… to update your practice on ongoing because so many things are changing

… to empower and inspire yourself

… because IC is resilient, growing and evolving

… to benefit from the learning-oriented Canadian perspective

… and because good interpretation matters

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Invitation from Cal Martin, Past Chair:


"Interpretation is awesome. Interpreters are arguably the coolest people on earth. I'm serious - one of my favourite things to do is share stories with interpreters until my sides hurt from laughter and tears are rolling down my face.”

"Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to be a part of the interpretive community at Interpretation Canada (IC). Seriously. It's great. Where else will you find a community of professionals that are so passionate, creative, and driven to make a difference in the world? 

Remember - interpretation matters, and our community of professionals matters as well."