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What do Interpreters Say?


“I have to say that you guys are doing a great job at taking things to the next level.” Liz Crocker

“The first ever virtual interpretation conference anywhere in the world, as far as I know—another first for the Canadians!” Dr. Sam Ham, keynote speaker in 2009 Online IC Conference

“I ended up drawing heavily on the content shared at the IC conference - it was so great to be able to pass it on and play with the ideas and skills here as we formed our summer staff team. We had great feedback from incoming staff.” Charlotte Gleave Riemann, participant, 2012 BC Spring IC Conference, Manning Park Resort

“I've "attended" a number of these online workshops and this was by far the best. It gave us useful, practical tips for developing and delivering programs, and it really stimulated me to be more creative with my programs.” participant, 2011 Online IC Training Workshop

“Thank you! The conference was very inspiring … had it not been on line, I would not have been able to attend.” participant, 2011 Online IC Conference

“Being live with all our interpreter colleagues from across Canada is also a highlight. The chat room was alive with comments, questions, answers, and profound thoughts! I will also take some time and watch the recorded sessions I missed.” Heidi Eijgel, 2011 Online IC Conference

“I think that InterpScan is becoming more of a first-class publication with each succeeding issue. Well done to the executive of Interpretation Canada and of course to your Editor Sue Ellen Fast.”  John MacFarlane, IC Founding Director

“Thank you for inquiring about our understanding of the interpretive profession. I think it's a great and necessary initiative. Hopefully it will give more weight to the profession and cause an increased professionalism and recognition.” survey respondent, 2009 Needs Report, Interpretation Canada

“I find Interpretation Canada's magazine far more useful than Legacy or The Interpreter.” Joan Lawrence

“Thanks to your job list serve I worked for Parks Canada this year as a coastal naturalist and loved it!” Elise Roberts

“I have had at least three interviews that came from this forum, but I now have a full-time job and would be happy to be removed from the list. Thank you very much for this wonderful forum for jobs!!” Barbara Fraser Tilley

“Of course I want to renew - your organization is very important to us!” Diane Peterson