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Log-in FAQ

Log-in FAQ  |  Am I an IC Member?  |  How to Renew

Frequently Asked Questions about logging in - with answers! 

If you do not find an answer to your question in this FAQ, contact We will add to this FAQ as we become aware of your questions.


Why should I log in?

Members log in for member discounts, to avoid re-typing their info when renewing or making other transactions, to access member-only areas of the website (eg. InterpScan Articles) and to identify their contributions.


If you have a username and password already, just go ahead and log in.

If you don't, or if you have forgotten them, here are the steps to take:


What is the log in process?

Step 1: Email addresses of members are recognized by this website

Step 2: Click "Log in/Register" on the left hand side of the screen

Step 3: Click "Request new password" tab

Step 4: Enter the email you use for your IC membership and submit. An email message will arrive right away with a link

Step 5: Click the link

Step 6: Click the Log in button

Step 7: Set your own individual password to something you will remember

Step 8: Log in with your username and password to be recognized for member discounts, edit your details, renew your membership, and access member-only areas of the website (eg. InterpScan articles). Enjoy the site and log in again anytime 


How do I know if I am making progress?

Watch for green check marks and other messages as the IC website communicates with you


What is the best way to avoid log in problems?

Aim for unique individual username, password and email - avoid using organization name or shared email address 


What do I do if it says my email is already taken, or if I have other problems logging in?

Send a description of the problem to so we can fix it ("email already taken" is a known problem - it just means we have accidently set you up with two website accounts instead of one)


How do I log in if I forget my username and password?

Reset them again as above by clicking "Request new password" 


How can I view my membership status, renew my membership, and edit my access?

Log in by entering your username and password, click My account, and proceed


What do I do if my email address is not recognized?

Try an alternate email address or take a look here


What do I do if no email arrives?

Check your other mailboxes - for example where your "quarantine" email goes


I have problems with logging in. How can I get help?

Send a description of the problem to


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