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InterpScan (Issue 33-3)

Publication Date: 
May 9, 2011
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In This Issue:

Hearts First - Then Minds
New research supports using emotion, and not providing too much information.
Elephants, Us, and Sustainable Development
Heritage interpretation can contribute to a sustainable future—here’s how.
I and I Interpret
Explore the trend towards a visitor experience focus through Rastafarianism.
Divide and Conquer: Visitor Segmentation
Segment your audiences to plan more creative, inclusive and efficient programs.
Tundra Trek at the Toronto Zoo
Research and design of a new exhibit area explained.
Snap Shot: Interpretation in Canada
IC members report in on what’s new in their region in 2010.
Beginning with the Band
Adding nature programs to a historic site: a case study.
Program Planning and Evaluation At Fort Edmonton
Describes a planning form used to support program writing among costumed staff.