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135 Beddis Road
Salt Spring, BC V6J2H6
+1 604 7378545
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Winking Owl Design & Illustration
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Summary of Services

Illustration and graphic design service, specialising in nature interpretation. Winking Owl offers a range of visually engaging solutions, from concept to completion of pre-production artwork. Uses a combination of traditional and digital techniques to create versatile and eye-catching illustration.

Full Description of Services

Effective interpretation is usually the result of an evolving process; it grows out of wonderful brainstorming and thinking outside the box, defining  objectives, then refining initial ideas within the scope of reality; available resources, time, budget, corporate considerations etc. A simple sign in the park or a complex panel in a nature house may well be the result of many stages of unseen development and approval processes along the way. As a designer and illustrator with over 25 years experience of working in this field, I am well versed in this approach, offering services as sole contractor or collaborative team member depending on the nature of the project.

Be it drawing a snail in its shell to symbolise an Open/Closed sign or creating a fully fledged illustrated panel on birds of prey, Winking Owl Design and Illustration will help get your message across - big or small. 

Please drop by to see some samples. If you'd like to see more, have any questions or enquiries, please drop me a line.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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