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5010 Delray Dr.
Lansing, MI 48910
United States
+1 5178036605
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John Veverka & Associates

Summary of Services

Interpretive Master Planning, Interpretive Training - College level interpretive courses through interpretation e-LIVE courses, Interpretive Writing and Visitor Studies/Research, Marketing Analysis and Visitor Base Development.

Full Description of Services

JVA is a professional interpretive planning/training firm with 40 years of experiene in interpretation, including teaching introductory and advanced interpretation courses at Ohio State University and Michigan State University.  John received his B.S and M.S degrees in Interpretation at Ohio State, and was in the Ph.D program in Interpretive Services at Michigan State University teaching interpretation courses for 5 years.  John is a Certified Interpretive Trainer and Planner and a Certified Professional Heritage Interpreter (Canada).  Our services include:

- Interpretive Master Planning

- Interpretive Training Courses 

- Interpretive exhibit planning, and pre/post testing evaluation.

- Interpreitve e-LIVE web based interpretation training courses.

- Heritage tourism development and feasibility analysis.

- Heritage interpretation management analysis and staff development.

- Heritage interpretation marketing materials.

- Visitor research studies and analysis.

- Evaluation of interpretive programs, services and facilities.

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