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Bowen Island in Metro Vancouver, BC
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EcoLeaders Interpretation

Summary of Services

We deliver interpretive plans and projects. Our focus is on detailed understandings of your site’s mandates, features and visitors. Our objective is to deliver powerful, meaningful, accurate, learning experiences that fit the needs, interests and capabilities of target participants.

Full Description of Services

We help you plan, develop and deliver powerful, engaging and cost-effective heritage interpretation and education services that fit your site and target participants and attract new visitors.
We make interpretation work
We focus on visitors
We see interpretation as is a key tool for engaging visitors at your park, historic site, nature centre or museum. It delivers authentic visitor experiences and discovery, furnishes chances for sharing of knowledge, and inspires people to become involved in you site’s stewardship through volunteerism, admission, memberships and donations).
We advovcate for your site
Visitor come to your site because it is interesting and attractive. We identify and focus on what is special about your site.
We keep abreast of new developments and best practice
We regularly review new research in informal learning, life-long learning, brain science, learning theory and leisure studies.    
Many interpretive sites across Canada and the world display best practice in applying informal learning theory to traditional communication and new technologies. This includes use of the internet and social media to engage visitors and extend their connection and learning beyond their visit. 
We apply these new understandings to engage, inspire, involve and attract visitors to your sites.
Our experience counts
For over twenty-five years, EcoLeaders has incorporated these advances in our services interpretive planning, project development,  evaluation, and staff and volunteer training.
If you are interested in how we can help at your site: 
Set up a free ½ hour consultation.
What We Do
We do all sorts of interpretation and education planning ranging from small projects to master plans for sites and districts. 
Developing projects
We have over 25 years of experience developing personal and non-personal interpretation and education projects that engage, inspire,  involve and delight targeted visitor and outreach audience groups.
We provide expert program reviews and needs assessments designed to help you to provide authentic and meaningful visitor experiences that fulfill the mandates of your site and agency.
We share our expertise plus over twenty-five years of experience as heritage interpreters and educators in training sessions tailor-made for your staff and volunteers. 
Our Beliefs
Interpretation and education matter
Interpretation can increase environmental and cultural literacy and create feelings of connection and stewardship. These are core elements of sustainability and a transition into a resilient future—core functions within parks, museums, nature centres and other interpretation sites. 
Lots of communication with clients
Throughout our planning and program development processes we communicate with you and other experts and stakeholders.
Focus on visitor experience
We are advocates for your visitors, from school children to tourist. We strongly believe that developing deep understandings of their current knowledge and interests, activities and motivations for visiting your site helps us to tailor genuine experiences at your site. 
Not a cookie-cutter approach
We believe each site is unique. We base our planning and program development on your visitors, site and situation.
Learning is an active experience
Current learning theory focuses on active learning where interpreters and educators facilitate and enable visitors to ask questions, form and test hypotheses and discuss their findings and conclusions to make their own meanings.
Let the features of your site speak
We are advocates for your site. We believe that detailed knowledge of the natural and cultural features and processes at your site is essential to effective low-impact education and interpretation

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