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Museum Education Monitor
Museum Education Monitor (MEM) is a monthly electronic e-newsletter in which I track and record research and resources in museum education worldwide. The aim of MEM is to help create a 'road map' to new and current learning in museum education. Its goal is to enhance the development of theory and practice in the field by both academics and museum workers.
Whitby, ON | Categories: Technology, Education & Training, Research
Interpretation - Making a Difference on Purpose; new book by Sam H. Ham (2013)
In this book's ten chapters, Sam makes the point that interpretation isn't magic (meaning it's not a collection of tricks and gimmicks that defy logical explanation). On the contrary, he treats interpretation as strategy - the purposeful design and delivery of communication that stands a better chance of making a difference on purpose with the kinds of audiences most interpreters encounter.
, | Categories: Education & Training, Research

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