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<p>For-profit businesses providing guided walks, outfitters, tour groups, ecotourism, nature tourism, tourism related services</p>
<p>Creating interpretive products, concept plans, site plans, district or regional plans, exhibit plans, online/social media plans, program plans, trail design, evaluations, project management</p>
<p>Universities and colleges, trainings, certification, workshops, facilitation, materials, books and resources</p>
Arts (3)
<p>Interpretive writing, editing, graphic design, photography, illustrations, film, theatre, costumes, storytelling, music, murals, animation, motion graphics, figures, maps, props, dioramas</p>
Exhibits (12)

Planning, design, fabrications, conservation, collection services, restoration, display systems, interactive systems, models, reproductions, sign/panel production, lighting, optical equipment (see Arts and Technology as well)

<p>Audiovisual, multimedia, web development and management, social media, all things digital, audio tours, apps, iBooks and podcasts, QR codes, interactive projections, digital maps, equipment, installation</p>
Research (3)
<p>Cultural, natural, ecological, archaeological, visitor assessment</p>
<p>Architecture, landscape architecture, building services</p>
<p>First Nations cultural sites, parks, museums, historic sites, nature centres, zoos, aquariums, farms, botanical gardens, and a host of other heritage sites and wilderness locations</p>
Other (4)
<p>Provides services that don't fit any of the other categories. See individual business descriptions for more information</p>

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