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Playmaking by Collective Creation
Ten proven steps for using theatre to bring your site to life.
keywords: drama, theatre, tourism, writing, script
Canglish: Spelling the Canadian-English Way Part 2
Why and how is Canadian spelling different? Context from AD 1383 to today.
keywords: Canada, Language, spelling, style, writing
Oceans of Emotion: Baba Dioum Revisited
Gallery renovations at the Vancouver Aquarium used a non-traditional approach to interpretation.
keywords: exhibit, plan, emotion, technology, action
Tundra Trek at the Toronto Zoo
Research and design of a new exhibit area explained.
keywords: exhibit, plan, theme, climate change, Aboriginal
Hearts First - Then Minds
New research supports using emotion, and not providing too much information.
keywords: outcome, emotion, principles, objective, plan
On-board Interpretation: Princess of Acadia
Ferry across Bay of Fundy partners with New Brunswick Museum and everyone benefits.
keywords: partnership, tourism, ferry, museum, visitation
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Index to Articles

Written by and for interpreters, InterpScan journal articles are full of current good practice!


  • Jane’s Walks and iPads
  • Boomtown Trail Touring App
  • Land of the Silver Birch
  • Guide to Free-choice Learning
  • The Courage to Interpret
  • Real Raptors visit Yukon
  • Reach Youth and Increase Participation Tenfold
  • My 5-M Model of Mentors
  • Preschoolers in the Museum
  • John MacFarlane Moves On


  • Hearts First - Then Minds
  • Elephants, Us, and Sustainable Development
  • I and I Interpret
  • Divide and Conquer: Visitor Segmentation
  • Tundra Trek at the Toronto Zoo
  • Snap Shot: Interpretation in Canada
  • Beginning with the Band
  • Program Planning and Evaluation At Fort Edmonton


  • Power of Partnerships: linking with others to enhance your programs
  • Speaking with Authority: New Canadians, Language and Interpretation
  • Steps in Planning an Interpretive Program
  • On-board Interpretation: Princess of Acadia
  • 46 Benefits of Interpretation
  • Geocaching
  • Frank Slide Interpretive Centre: Part Two
  • J.B. Harkin: Father of Canada’s National Parks 


  • The Great War Veteran
  • Meditative Minute on the Mantle
  • Playmaking by Collective Creation
  • Behind the Smiles: where funding comes from
  • Battle of Culloden
  • Input Workshop Results
  • Online Survey Results
  • Interpretation With Puppets


  • “Interpretation, Idealism and Praxis” Revisited
  • In the Cabinet Shop
  • The Role of Heritage Interpretation in Creating Positive Visitor Experiences
  • Botanical Pollution
  • Reading the Building
  • Frank Slide Interpretive Centre: Part One
  • Modern Alternatives to Standards
  • The Birth Of IC


  • “Personations”
  • Interpretation, Idealism and Praxis: What makes us tick?
  • Freeman Who? How I Really Learned to be an Interpreter
  • Training Ideas for a Great Summer Team
  • Sustainability Dialogues
  • Interpretation Makes Dollars and Sense
  • Surviving Unemployment by Stephanie Yuill
  • Blackfoot Crossing by Joan Lawrence
  • Rob Keip


  • Storytelling Place: An Interpretive Planning Tool
  • Top Ten Walking Tour Tips
  • Learning as they Play
  • More with Less: Interpretation in the Information Age
  • A Kitful of Memories
  • Writing for the Web: I'm no expert BUT… 
  • Stories Bring Archaeological Island to Life
  • Snap Shot: Interpretation in Canada


• Urban Environmental Ed Study
• Canglish II—Beyond Spelling
• What is Effective Education?
• Two Hundred Museums
• Snap Shot Canada
• IC History
• History of Canadian Interpretation (excerpt)

• Ghost Walks
• Kayak Tour Guide Study
• Social Marketing 
• Vibrant Community
• Of Conflicts and Cooperatives
• Mirrors and Metaphysics
• John Crosby

• Atmosphere for Learning
• Take Care of Your Voice
• The Urban Interpreter 
• Mobility-Impaired Seniors
• Fur Trade in a Box
• Inspiring Ideas
• Canglish Part 1 
• The Write Stuff
• BC Aboriginal Tourism
• Bob Gray

• Death and Disaster
• Graphing Learners and Leaders
• Cuba’s Interpretation Journey
• PDA Technology for Museums
• Size Matters at Calgary Zoo
• Terry Fox Tour
• Recycle Away
• Military Museum Theatre
• Ted Underhill

• Towards Stewardship
• Free Choice Learning
• Intangible Heritage 
• First Person Interpretation
• Faces of Fire
• Storytelling for Human Angle
• Blue Means Peace
• Cure for Interpretative Rut
• Word Play and Enlightenment
• Stu Heard
• Today’s Academic Journals
Journal of Interpretation Research
Museum Education Monitor
• Pre-Program Jitters
• When the Media Calls
• Day-Long Leadership
• A Player’s Progress
• Odyssey
• The Medium is the Message
• Norman B. Sanson
• Web-based Interpretation
• Australian Interp Trends
• Harnessing Drama 
• Archival Skills for Elementary Classes
• Goodbye Funding, Hello Darwin
• Beck and Cable’s Book
• Wrong Gate at the Right Time 
• Harry R. Webster

• Environmental Mind Grind
• Interpretation and Waste Management
• Megaflood Traveling Edu-Kit
• Evaluating Interpretive Media
• Fifteen Minutes with Andy Warhol
• What Good Are Bugs?
• Ross Dobson

• Oceans of Emotion
• Object Theatre 
• Journaling
• Field Trip Fair
• Goals, Objectives and Themes—Bah!
• Hinterland Who’s Who Leaps Forward
• Painful Lesson of Finches and Men
• Dalton Muir

• Beyond Slide Projectors
• Rethinking Goals, Objectives and Themes
• Questions about Controversial Topics
• Best Evaluation in BARS
• Text: Capitalization
• Joseph Cornell Review
• For Children, with Salmon
• Peter Hope

• Around the World in 80 Days
• IC Modules Review
• HI certification at College
• Find Formal Training
• IC Training Modules
• Using Themes and Objectives
• Extra, Extra, Read All About It!
• Exhibiting Sustainability
• For Children in the Snow
• John Marsh

• Aurora-Seeking Japanese
• Selkirk First Nation
• Spear Throwing With School Classes
• Innovation Not For Sissies
• HI Standards Revised
• Shan Walshe

• Gears, Pulleys and Schools
• Modern Interpreter: Road Warrior!
• Museum Excellence Part 3 
• Rockies Revealed Interpretive Theatre 
• BC Parks Cuts
• Al Helmsley

• Interpreter or Entrepreneur?
• Messages without Borders
• Now the Exhibit Designer
• Parks Canada and Certification
• For Children 9–12 Yrs
• Ferg Lothian 

• CTHRC on Certification
• Planning Interpretive Training
• How Interpreters Make Sense of Their Training
• IC’s Training Modules
• Museum Excellence Part 2
• What is Innovation?
• Bear-Human Safety Vest
• Kananaskis CD Heavy Petal
• Passion, Performance and Profits
• For Children 6–8 Yrs
• Mabel Williams, Aileen Harmon, Alice Johanssen 

• Banff’s New Interpretive Scene
• Jasper Inter(Net)pretation Part 2
• Museum Excellence Part 1 
• Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory
• Elbow to Elbow, Nose to Nose
• Benefits of Interpretation
• For Children 2–5 Yrs 
• T.W. “Tony” Pierce
• Jasper Inter(NET)pretation Part 1 
• My Experience with Certification 
• New Allan Brooks Nature Centre
• Snorkeling Interpretation
• Composing Video
• Walter “Wally” Monkman
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